Three Signs You Need A Vacation After Your Vacation


The old joke is that you need a vacation from your vacation. People are so focused on doing all sorts of fun and exciting things that they may never get a chance to do again that they forget to relax. Since relaxation is supposed to be the focus of any good vacation, you may need a second vacation just to unwind. Here are three signs that you need to extend your vacation beyond the planned activities of the primary vacation, and just how to go about it.

You Are Wiped out When Your Vacation Ends

If you are so tired after taking a vacation that you feel like you could sleep for three days straight, you need another vacation. Generally, an additional three to seven days after the initial vacation is a good idea. This is the time when you should be relaxing and not doing a thing beyond reading and meditation or art therapy.

You Feel Like the Vacation Was Too Short

While it is true that most Americans only get one to two weeks of paid vacation, it is definitely shorter than the paid vacation given to other workers around the globe. Three weeks of vacation every year is standard for many countries in Europe. This may be why you feel the vacation for a week was too short and you want more. 

You Could Not Decide Where to Go

Since you get so little vacation time, it is very hard to decide where to go. There are hundreds of places to go and thousands things to see in the U.S. alone. Choosing just one location may make you feel sick to your stomach just thinking about missing out on something else fun and interesting. A second vacation could make you feel a little less queasy about your choices.

How to Get More Vacation When You Vacation

Given the limited amount of vacation time you have earned as an employee, you may stress about how to get more time off. If you are generally in very good health and have not had a sick day in years, you may be able to take a couple of sick days on the beginning or end of your vacation. As long as the days are approved, you will get paid for it too.

Some employers also provide employees with "roaming" holidays. These are days off from work that you can take whenever you want or need to take them. Clear it with H.R., and then tack them onto the front or back of your vacation time.


30 July 2017

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