Things To Leave The Guests Who Will Be Visiting Your Beachside Vacation Rental


If you live in a condo along the beach, an effective way to earn some extra funds is to list the residence as a vacation rental. This is especially true if you travel frequently, as you can have paying guests in your home while you're not there. The location of your beachside condo will make it a prime attraction for vacationers, perhaps to the point that you have little trouble renting it out whenever you'll be away for a few days. One way that you can garner positive online reviews, which can lead to more interest in your vacation rental and perhaps the ability to raise the per-night price, is to provide your guests with some items upon their arrival. Here are some suggestions.

Extra Towels

Ideally, anyone who rents your vacation rental with the intention of enjoying the beach will pack some beach towels. If not, however, you want to ensure that your guests are covered. You'll likely be putting out towels in the bathrooms, but you should also think about providing a stack of extra beach towels. You can buy beach towels for a reasonable price at your local big box store, and then stack a neat pile of them on a table or any surface in your home with a note indicating that they're for use at the beach.

Local Area Information

While there's likely a lot of information about your area available online, it can be nice to provide some brochures that your guests will be able to use and perhaps flip through at the beach instead of using their smartphones or tablets. Visit your local tourism office and pick up a map of the area and some brochures for popular destinations. Such items are free, so you might even wish to get a few copies of each item so that you have a constant supply for people who will be visiting your beachside vacation rental.

Beach Items

Another idea is to provide your guests with a handful of items that they can use at the beach — with a note to kindly remind them to return each item to your home. Kids' toys can be a good idea. Things such as small buckets and shovels can provide kids with plenty of fun, and families won't often pack such items if they're visiting your area by air. An umbrella that your guests can take down to the beach and stick in the sand, as well as a few folding chairs, can also be ideal.

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6 August 2017

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