Four Unique Services You Can Offer At Your Hotel


If you run a private hotel, you may struggle to compete with the chains who have better advertising and the backing of large corporations. One way to one-up the competition is to offer unique services that they do not. Here's a look a four different services that your hotel can offer in order to please your existing customers and attract new ones:

Pet Spa Services

If you allow pets in your hotel, consider adding a pet spa to your repertoire. You can set up a simple sink and grooming table and hire a professional pet groomer to come in for a few hours a day. Many groomers own their own companies and may even come into your hotel on a contract basis. Encourage them to offer pampering services like perfumed shampoos, hair bows, and facials. Guests will love being able to pamper their pet when they're on vacation. 

Morning Coffee Delivery

You can serve coffee in the lobby like most hotels, or you can bring it right up to your guests' rooms so they don' have to venture so far before getting their caffeine fix. All you really need to implement this service is a coffee machine, some styrofoam or paper disposable cups, and a good way to keep track of orders. You can start by just asking guests whether they want morning coffee when they check in. Allow them to phone in orders if they change their mind. To make the services even more attractive to guests, consider buying signature coffee beans from a local coffee shop to give your guests a sample of the area's fare.


If you have a spare room, consider hiring a childcare professional to offer babysitting. Add some toys to the room, and you have a fun play area. Guests who want to venture off and have a little adult time will enjoy being able to leave their kids for a bit. To keep your babysitter from becoming overwhelmed, you may want to put a time limit on these services, such as 3 hours per guest.

Wine Concierge

When your guests get back to their rooms in the evening, they might feel like a bottle of wine -- but they probably don't want to venture out to the liquor store to buy one. Allow them to call your front desk with their order. You can bring them up a bottle of wine and add the cost to your bill. All you need to implement this service is to start stocking a few types of wine. A good Chardonnay, Malbec, Merlot, and Reisling is a good starting point.

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15 August 2017

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