3 Good Uses For A Hotel Conference Room Beyond The Typical Business Meeting


Inside some of the largest hotels, and even some smaller ones, you can almost always find a conference room of some form for rent by the hour. While the majority of these rooms are rented for business-related events, the spaces are just as valuable for other reasons. These rooms can be rented for short meetings and gatherings, and the spaces can vary in size and layout. Further, most conference rooms can be tweaked to cater to the customer renting the room for the event. Here are a few good uses for a hotel conference room beyond simply business purposes. 

Family Reunions 

If you are planning a family reunion and need a meeting place for the event, a conference room can usually serve the purpose well. Conference rooms can have different arrangements depending on the place, but most have flexible seating arrangements. Therefore, whether you are looking for a large gathering table or a room full of several large tables, you can likely get the layout you need to cater to the crowd. Likewise, many of these spaces hold a small kitchenette or bar where food can be placed if you are doing a potluck-style gathering. 

Awards Ceremonies or Banquets for Students 

If you are planning an award ceremony or banquet for students, holding the event at an outside location often allows for a more upscale event. Hotel conference rooms in some of the larger hotels are incredibly sizable, which means there are spaces perfectly capable of housing hundreds of guests if needed. Some conference spaces are set up for speaking engagements with a stage in the front of the room and seating for many attendees in rows, which also is a nice layout for an awards ceremony. 

Anniversary or Engagement Dinners 

Holding an anniversary or engagement dinner in a hotel conference room is a relatively common thing to do when the planner of the event needs a larger pace for everyone to gather. Some conference rooms are already outfitted with a relatively large meeting table where business attendees would normally gather to discuss pertinent matters. This table could just as easily be used for an upscale dinner and finding a catering company to help is not an issue. Also, holding one of these sinners at a destination that is attractive can add another layer of enjoyment for the attendees, and some hotels offer group room rates if you rent a conference room.  To learn more information, reach out to a company such as Clarion Hotel - Seattle International Airport


14 May 2020

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