Three Awesome Locations For Your Tennessee River Vacation


Have you been dreaming of taking a long, relaxing vacation on the banks of the Tennessee River? There are many vacation cabins along the banks of the river, and staying in one of them can indeed be a nice break from the hustle and bustle of society. However, the Tennessee River is long, and there are many towns and attractions along its length. Before you head out there, it's a good idea to know where, exactly, you are heading. Here are three awesome locations that should be at the top of your list.

Signal Mountain

Staying in a cabin near the small town of Signal Mountain gives you plenty of options for sightseeing. You'll not only be right on the Tennessee River for rafting, fishing, and kayaking, but you'll also be less than a half hour from Chattanooga. So if you get tired of roughing it in a cabin and want to do something a little more touristy during your vacation, you can drive into the city and go places like the Chattanooga Zoo and Coolidge Park. The Signal Mountain area is a good choice for travelers with families since there is so much to do nearby.


Dayton is a town located along one of the narrower portions of the Tennessee River. If you stay in a cabin in this area, you'll have an easier time kayaking and boating on the river, even if you don't have a lot of experience. There are a lot of nature preserves and natural sights near Dayton, so it's a great location for travelers who really do want to spend all their time outside. Visiting the Moon Slew Cave, hiking in Point Park, and touring Old McDonald's Farm are all fun things to do.

Spring City

Spring City is another location worth visiting if you really love exploring the outdoors. It's especially good for hikers because it is right by the Justin P. Wilson Cumberland Trail State Park. Hiking through the park will bring to you some really magnificent waterfalls and rock formations. This is also a good area for boating since the Tennessee River opens up into some lakes and estuaries. There are many cabins nearby, both inside the state park and outside the park.

Your vacation to the Tennessee River is sure to be memorable, especially if you choose one of the top locations above. Find a nice cabin to rent, and go from there.

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4 September 2020

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