4 Amenities To Look For When Booking An Oceanfront Cottage For Your Next Vacation


Are you getting ready to book an oceanfront cottage for an upcoming vacation? Here are a few amenities to look for that should help ensure a good time during your stay:

A Laundry Room

One important amenity to look for when choosing an oceanfront cottage to book for your next vacation is a laundry room. You will be spending most of your time right next to the ocean, where saltwater gets into the air. That salt is sure to get all over your clothing and towels throughout the day. Therefore, you can expect to change clothes fairly often—especially if you don't want to go to lunch and dinner feeling sticky and salty.

If the oceanfront cottage you are staying at features a laundry room either in the cottage or somewhere on the property, you can wash your sandy and salty clothes anytime you want. This will enable you to pack lighter because you won't have to have different outfits for every day. You can just wash your stuff when necessary and always have something fresh to put on. You'll be able to wash everything before you leave too, which leaves you less to do when you get back home.

A Sliding Glass Door

It's a good idea to choose an oceanfront cottage to stay in that features a sliding glass door that leads out toward the beach. This way, you can open the door up and feel like you're outside in the tropical air even when spending time inside the living room of the cottage. Even when the sliding glass door is closed, the door will act as a huge window that brings the outdoors in so that everyone can enjoy the beach even if it's raining outside.

Water Gear

Another thing that should be included in your oceanfront cottage rental is the use of some water gear. Snorkeling masks and fins, a kayak, and various flotation devices should be readily available. Having access to these things can help save you some money during your vacation because you won't have to go out and rent equipment just to enjoy an ocean adventure.

A Pool or Hot Tub

There may be times when you want to get wet during your vacation, but you aren't interested in swimming in the ocean due to currents or other reasons. Therefore, you should look for a cottage to rent that features a small swimming pool or hot tub to utilize at your leisure. This will allow you to get all the water time you want, even when it is too dark to swim in the ocean at night. 


15 April 2022

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