4 Ways To Save Money On Vacation Rentals


A vacation rental gives you a home base for your holiday. You will have the opportunity to spend your time at the resort pool with a drink or come to fall asleep after a busy day of exploring the area. You want to enjoy yourself without feeling guilty, so you need to get a great deal. Learn four ways to save money on vacation rentals

1. Visit Off-Season  

Many vacation destinations attract crowds during peak season with much less tourism off-season. For example, many tourists travel to certain beach towns, such as Cape Cod, during the summer to experience the beach while the water is warm. Visitors won't enjoy the warm water in colder months, but they can enjoy the town for everything it has to offer outside of the beach without the crowds for a much lower rate. 

It's not only important to schedule your vacation at the right time — you want to buy at the right time, too. You can get vacation rentals for the best rates 15 days before your trip (although, you can find great deals well in advance or at the last minute if you look hard enough). 

2. Shop Around

Don't take the first deal you find. Do your research to find the best value for you.

Do some online research to learn what platforms offer the best rebates for your business, too. For example, credit card companies sometimes offer valuable miles when you purchase through them. You can also get great deals when you arrange your airfare and hotel accommodations at the same time. 

3. Select an All-Inclusive Resort

All-inclusive resorts cost significantly more since they include food and drinks. If you plan to indulge enough and stay in the resort instead of traveling to different local restaurants, an all-inclusive resort can provide excellent value. 

4. Choose Accommodations Wisely 

It's important to choose your accommodations wisely. You don't want to negatively impact your experience to save money or pay for amenities you don't need. 

What matters most to your on your vacation? To determine how to get accommodations that provide the most value to you, consider your experience. What do you plan on doing during your days?  Is the area safe? How will you get around and how long will it take? What do you absolutely need in your hotel room? 

When you find accommodations you enjoy, investigate using them in other locations to earn rewards. Happy travels!


25 January 2023

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