Are You Looking To Book A Wildlife Photography Vacation? Questions You Should Ask Before Making Reservations


If you love to travel and love photography, a wildlife photography vacation may be something that interests you. This type of vacation consists of a guided tour with a group traveling to various parts of the world where wildlife is present. Destinations may include the savannas in Africa or rain forests in Southern America. While the destination and the cost of the vacation will weigh heavily on your decision as to what company you book with, they are not the only factors you should consider.

12 August 2017

3 Things To Expect From An Extended Stay Hotel Compared To A Traditional Hotel


When you are simply traveling for pleasure, most of the time, a regular hotel where you can stay a few days at a time will work out just fine. However, there are some situations in which you will need to stay away from home for a lot longer than just a few days. For example, if you have to temporarily relocate to a new city for work for a few weeks or if you have a relative who is not in good health and you need to stay close while they are being treated, you may need an extended stay hotel.

11 August 2017

Own A Hotel? Why You Need Hospitality Consulting


Owning a hotel can be a very exciting, albeit all-encompassing experience. The ability to provide a clean and comfortable place for travelers to sleep and relax when away from home can truly instill a sense of pride. However, whether you've just entered into hotel ownership or you've been in the industry for quite some time there's always room for growth. That's where a hospitality consultant comes in. They have invaluable information to provide you with that can be the very thing which spurs growth at your location.

10 August 2017

Things To Leave The Guests Who Will Be Visiting Your Beachside Vacation Rental


If you live in a condo along the beach, an effective way to earn some extra funds is to list the residence as a vacation rental. This is especially true if you travel frequently, as you can have paying guests in your home while you're not there. The location of your beachside condo will make it a prime attraction for vacationers, perhaps to the point that you have little trouble renting it out whenever you'll be away for a few days.

6 August 2017

Three Signs You Need A Vacation After Your Vacation


The old joke is that you need a vacation from your vacation. People are so focused on doing all sorts of fun and exciting things that they may never get a chance to do again that they forget to relax. Since relaxation is supposed to be the focus of any good vacation, you may need a second vacation just to unwind. Here are three signs that you need to extend your vacation beyond the planned activities of the primary vacation, and just how to go about it.

30 July 2017